Why Chinese Medicine At Aesthete Sunshine Coast??


Skin and facial aesthetics is just one part of ageing positively. In order to look our best, we need to feel both physically and mentally strong on the inside to be operating at our best too.

We are privileged to have Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist Dr. Tory Giles now practicing at Aesthete Sunshine Coast.

Chinese Medicine activates the natural self-healing abilities of the body, to boost energy and immunity, relieve pain, rebalance the inner system, improve vital organ health, minimize stress and anxiety, promote youthful-looking skin, and even keep many disorders from appearing or progressing.

As we cope with everyday stress, it takes a constant toll on our bodies in the modern world, a deeper, more comprehensive holistic medicine solution to wellness becomes essential – a priority that’s beyond important even when you don’t have any symptoms. Chinese Medicine offers a natural and powerfully effective approach to address root causes with lasting benefits, keeping the body balanced and healthy.


We recognise at Aesthete Sunshine Coast that selfcare extends beyond skin and inject treatments, and introducing natural medicine allows us to rejuvenate, repair and enhance the body as a whole.

Dr Giles’ sessions are 90mins of total focus on you and your wellbeing, incorporating multiple modalities into your session including acupuncture, cupping, infrared therapy, acupressure, massage, blood testing, Chinese medicine and herbal supplement prescription, breathwork and aromatherapy.

Dr Giles is only available on Mondays. We strongly advise to book in advance as bookings fill up fast.



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